Contact Self Install Form

Demonstration of our Free Contact Self Install Form script in action.You can freely download the full source-code and use it on all your websites.As with all our scripts, you run the scripts directly on your own websites.

Install Instructions of the Free Version:
METHOD 1 (Automatted):
Upload all files to your website.
In your browser, open the file freecontactforminstall.php and install.

METHOD 2 (Manual):
Create the file 'freecontactformsettings.php' using a code/plain text Editor.
Copy the code from the installation.txt into this file.
Enter your email address in place of
Change the email subject (if you like)
Change your thank you page reference (if you like)
Save the file.
Copy ALL files onto your website using an FTP program (filezilla for example)

Want to incorporate the form into your own design?
Copy the HTML from contactform.htm and paste it into your existing page.
The free version contains the reference to
If you want to create your own powerful custom forms, then check out our design services for more details..

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